Frequently Asked Questions

Stands and Building

How big are the stands?
All the stands on Waterlake Farm are ± 1 000m²

What are the building styles?
There are 5 different building styles:

  • Westminster
  • Melrose
  • Turenne
  • Apiesdoring
  • Worton

What is the minimum size of a house?
A minimum of 300m2

Are you allowed to use your own builder and architect?
Yes you are. Your builder should however be registered at the NHBRC. Your architect must also be a registered architect.

Is that the Clubhouse on the dam?
No, it is private property.

Will there ever be any more development on the estate?
The lay-out of Waterlake Farm cannot be amended. What you see on the present General plan is what there will be in future.

For how much will I be able to build a house?
Depending on the design and finishes you should be able to build at a rate of ± R 10 000 per m². This may however increase as time goes by.

What happens if I do not start building in 4 years’ time?
At the moment a monthly penalty levy of 50% of the monthly levy applies. The HOA will review this from time to time. Remember that the 4 years period is calculated from the date of the transfer to the first owner who purchased directly from the Developer. Therefore, if you are the second or third purchaser you might be liable immediately for penalty levies if 4 years already have expired from date of the first transfer. However, when building commences on the stand the penalties are suspended for 12 months to enable you to complete the building.

Am I allowed to add solar panels on the roof of my house?
Yes, as long as they are concealed. This must show on you plans lodged for approval by the HOA.

Dam and Picnic Area

Are you allowed to fish in the dam?
Yes you are. On a catch and release basis, and fishing is only allowed in certain allocated areas.

Are jet ski’s allowed on the dam?
No motorized boating is allowed on the dam. Consideration is being given to allowing the smallest electrical bass motor for fishing purposes.

May the picnic area be used by non-residents?
The picnic area is only to be used by owners of Waterlake Farm.

What river feeds the dam?
The Pienaars River.

What kind of fish are in the dam?
Carp, Bass and Barbell. We introduced sterilized Grass Carp to keep the growth of reeds and water grass under control.

More on the Development

Where does the drinking water come from?
The water is supplied by Tshwane Council.

Who are the developers?
Blue Horison Properties 4 (PTY) LTD

What is the financial position of the Home Owners Association?
The financial position is very sound. This position is reflected in the financial statements which are available on request.

What wildlife is on the farm?
Impala, Springbuck, Bless buck, Water buck, Rooihartbees, Nyala, Zebra, Ribbok, Monkeys, Ring-tailed Mongoose, Likkewaan and birdlife, including fish eagles, owls, Egyptian Goose, Ducks, Guinea fowl, Porridge etc.


Is Security good?
The farm is surrounded by three fences of which the inner fence is electrified, and linked to alarms that would sound if breached and monitored screens in the guardhouse. The area between the two fences is a “no go” area, only the guards that patrol this area with security dogs are allowed in the space. The fence is also covered by cameras which are monitored in the guardhouse. The cameras also act as movement sensors activating alarms in the control room which are monitored by guards. We have a complement of 18 guards who are based and housed on the farm. They are managed by the security manager who is also resident on the farm. The guards are also responsible for access control and patrol 24 hours per day.

Although it is understood that no security system is fool proof, the estate has had only one incident since its inception.

Rates, taxes and levy:

How much is the levy?
R 2 798.00 per month.

How much are the rates and taxes?
When a dwelling is erected, the standard rates are levied on the council’s valuation.

What is covered by the levies?
All the budgeted running costs and maintenance, inclusive of security.

Estate living:

Are you allowed a four-wheeler?
No four wheelers are allowed, nor off-road bikes, but you are allowed to drive an electric golf cart on the tar roads if you have a driver’s licence.

I see no walls around the houses, what do you do with your dog?
No pets are allowed as this is an estate with free roaming wildlife.

Am I allowed to run my business from here?
No large businesses can be run from here. One-man businesses and businesses not creating traffic or parking problems may be applied for.

Do you have Telkom lines or fibre?
No. The Estate has conduits for Telkom but no lines. There are however two approved wi-fi suppliers that have towers on our Estate. They only supply wi-fi.
We are also busy negotiating with Vodacom for a tower in the estate.


Where are the closest schools?

  • CVO
  • Tyger Valley
  • Laerskool Tygerpoort
  • Curro Primary School
  • Curro High School

How far is the estate from Lynnwood Road?
± 8 km

Stables & Gym

Am I allowed to have my own horse?
Yes, if there is space available, you apply with Management

What is the cost of a stable?
R 3650.00 per month if you are a resident.

What are the fees for the gym?
No extra fees are payable if you are a homeowner.

Waterlake Farm Lifestyle Estate

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